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Headphones for Extreme Metal

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I currently own a pair of V-Moda Crossfade LP's and really like them because of the bass. I use them for listening to most genres of Heavy Metal but mainly the more extreme sub-genres (Death Metal, Thrash Metal and Black Metal)


I've had them for a little under two years now but I'm thinking about getting the M-100's but I've heard that they might not be the best for the type of music I like. Can anyone give me their thoughts on the matter and recommend me some headphones if you know any that would be better.



NinjaMiles :)

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he-400. just got them yesterday and they're great for metal.

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Well, for metal (death, black, melodical death, etc) I love my DT880s and the Grado SR325is:


The DT880s offer detail and power, clean sound for armonics of black metal, and strengh for death metal. You may not like this headphone much since it tends to be detailed in the sound, dont expect much bass if there isnt, just the instruments of the band playing. Since you say you love your HPs because of the bass, these DT880s sound natural, as I said the are oriented to the natural sound of the real world, live and natural.


the SR325is offers a very closed sound signature, like you have everyone playing close to you, its fast and has power, the mids are awesome but for me, this headphone performs better with rock, hard rock or heavy metal.


HD650s are also good, they have less detail than the DT880s but the mids are "heavier" for these styles, it has a bit more bass quantity and the clarity remains equal.


For the SR325is you wont need anything special, but for the HDs or DTs you'll need amplification.

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Grado for metal. 

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Grado for metal, but maybe something a bit "darker" for black metal? And depending on exactly which bm you listen to, something with a bigger soundstage might be nice for an airier sound I guess. I primarily listen to thrash and the Grado sound signature seems like it was made for thrash.

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DT990s are also great for metal.  If you have an amp, the 600 ohm version are splendid.  Otherwise, the 32 ohm version will also suffice. 

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Thanks for the responses. From the reviews I've been reading the Grado SR325is seem like a good choice. :D

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