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Alessandro MS2 listener looking for new IEM

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New member, registered to see if anyone can give some advice.


As the the title suggests, I currently own a pair of MS2 headphones, which I love.


I am now looking at replacing a somewhat used and abused pair of Sennheiser CX400 which have served well over the past six or so years.

Initially, I found that the CX400 was good, having never owned a 'decent' pair of earphones. They have never quite met my liking, but was never that important knowing that they were second to a nice Hifi setup which was always my preferred listening choice.

I have always been into Hifi and home theater, preferring a dynamic, clear and airy sounding equipment with a wide and open sound stage.


After the birth of my daughter, the time came to upgrade from the CX400 as clearly I wasn't going to be able to 'enjoy' my Hifi as much after a day at work. I wasn't too sure on what to buy, either IEM or full size.

Sticking to Sennhesier, I tried a few pairs of lower range over ears, Sennheiser HD 485, HD497 a wireless RS180 which to me were to plain sounding and muddy, granted these are both very low budget, as well as some different in ears, Sennheiser CX980i, IE7 and UE TripleFi 10. The latter just seeming overpowering with bass and boom.


The problem was each of these to me shared the same trait. They sounded closed in, muddled and dull compared to my light and airy Hifi system.

After a lot of reading I decided I would go for an open backed full sized over/on ear set as my listening was concentrated to sitting in front my of PC or Laptop, whilst working or late night listening when the Hifi system is out-of-bounds rather than on the move.


After a couple of months of pondering, I went for the MS2 and a Fiio E10.

This was a blind purchase and based on other peoples views but it paid off and I love the setup. It was spot on for what I was after. Bright, dynamic and open.



So after a year, and a change of job, I now am after something more mobile that can be used with my phone and tablet [Galaxy Note/Galaxy Tab] whilst retaining sound signature similar to that of the MS2.


I know that the best way to buy is to audition, having always done so for audio purchases for Hifi but the options for high end headphone products in my location is not good and therefore means an Internet purchase.


I don't have a budget, but am looking for something 'reasonable'.

I am a great believer of 'you get what you pay for'. On the flip side, I would expect to also get a lot, in terms of quality for what I pay.



I have considered, Westone 4R, UE900, Shure SE535 but fear after reviews they are going to sound dull to me.

The Grado GR8/10 don't seem to have a big following or get a great review, but is this just a perception of price vs quantity...



I am open to any suggestions, any views, or ideas of where to look from anyone who has time to advise..




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Last time I heard the MS2 they had a flat or maybe slightly trebly frequency response. In that case the UE900 is not recommended, too smooth for your tastes. PFE or ER4S maybe, very high performance and flat FR despite their lower price, read good things about the UE600 too. 

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