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Alright so I game on PS3. I use the Tritton AX Pro, Playstation Stereo Headset, & UE6000 for Gaming. Basically, they dont suffice for what I need. Im a very competitive CoD player, so I want something specifically for pin-pointing enemies (3D Mapping). I am on a budget, so please bare with me. Basically, ive narrowed it down to the Astro Mixamp Pro, The steelseries V2, or the Astro A40 2013 Edition (headset only). Ive heard raving reviews on the V2 on its ability to pinpoint enemies, which is great! But I was also thinking of simply buying the Mixamp to give a greater 3D soundstage to my UE6000 or Playstation Headset(would that be better than the V2?) And well im throwing the A40 into the bunch simply because my brother wants them so badly! So in conclusion, should I get the Mixamp for my already boughten headsets, the Siberia V2, or the A40 MAINLY for Pin-pointing enemies for Competitive gaming.
Thanks in advance!