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Sennheiser HD700 as far as full size phone go you can use them for hour without a hurting.

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Most comfortable I've tried yet are the DT880 Pro.


It's a bummer I can't wear them to bed since they're so big... I guess that's why I have the M80.

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AKG K601s. Super light weight, non-bumpy headband, huge and deep cushions. Pretty much perfect.
HD 800s (briefly auditioned). They were very comfortable, but heavier than the K601s.
Bose Triports. Are they full-size? If not, most of the Beyers (770s, 880s, 990s).
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I have to say my Sennheiser HD 555's are crazy comfy after breaking them in. At first they had a little bit too much clamping force but a few days after I got them they started breaking in and now I can wear them all day long at work for 8 hours and not have any discomfort.

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Originally Posted by Marximus View Post

Pretty much perfect.

That's the picture your avatar paints as well. tongue.gif
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1. Koss PortaPros

2. Sony MDR MA900

3. Hifiman HE-400s (surprisingly)


I saw someone else post the LCD-2s on their list. I must admit I find that one hard to understand - superb headphones but I couldn't get comfortable in them myself (and my head is on the small side).

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Fostex T50rp with Mr. Speakers Alpha pads.

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