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Most Comfortable full sized Headphones

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It would be interesting for everyone to list their THREE most comfortable cans they've ever worn....

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well i have one


sony mdr ma 900

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K1000 by a landslide.  nothing else really comes close.


MDRF1 and SA3000 are a distant 2 and 3.

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1. Sennheiser HD598


2. Beyerdynamic DT990


3. Sony MDR-MA900


And it's off topic, but all three sound wonderful. (Yes, I own all three and no, am not affiliated in any way)

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I also would probably put HD598/595's first followed by DT880 premiums in very close second. The Senns have the slight edge for me because they are so light. I do love the feeling of the Beyer pillow pads on my ears though too.
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Sony MDR-F1, Bose QC15, and Koss ESP/950. In no particular order - they're all good imho.
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1. HD800


2. HD700


3. HD650

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1: DT990/250 Pro's

2: HD650

3: D5000/LCD 2







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1. HD595s

2. HD800s (on display in a hifi shop, so they had been loosened up considerably)

3. HD 650s


I'll note here that I wear glasses, so most closed cans that actually need a seal don't feel particularly comfortable as they tend to push on my frames which hurts my ears.  The only closed headphones that I have found that work decent with glasses are the pxc 450s


And yes, I realize I tend to have a sennheiser bias

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I would have to say DT 990 pro 250 ohms. So comfortable. The HD 598s are a close second with the HD 650s being the third. However, you can not go wrong with any of these headphones. I feel like most of the ones mentioned in this thread are fantastic in both the quality and comfort division.
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On comfort alone, first place, no question about it, wins by a mile:

1. Sennheiser HD800

...then a long way down...

2. Stax SR-009

...and 3rd could be any of a number of cans that I find decent for a few hours wear.
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1. Sennheiser Momentum

2. AKG K702 Anniversary

3. AKG K550


Momentum is by far the most comfortable I have tried.


I'm curious about that MDR-MA900, how is the build quality? This is a concern for me.

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In no particular order: Beyerdynamic DT770, AKG K550, Sennheiser HD650.

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Among all i have tried before,
1.Sennheiser HD598
2.AKG K701
3.Beyerdynamic DT880 250 ohms

I tend to really like big deep earcups, i'm sure most people do.

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Apologize that this is slightly off topic; responding to question above. My thoughts on MDR-MA900 build quality (not in priority order):


Top Five Positives (IMO):


1. Very lightweight and comfortable overall (and I really like the sound) - could be a portable and wouldn't look dorky/bulky. Very light clamping force, but the seal seems ok (I can't tell about leakage or isolation .. I'd guess average.) [EDIT: These are open-back design, called an "Open Air" design, so I would expect some compromise in leakage and isolation.]

2. Cloth ear cushion, but not velvet or velour. Headband is small but comfortable - cloth covered foam of some sort; not bulky or heavy at all.

3. The ear cups are not huge but completely surround my ear.

4. The part that holds the earpad bracket to the headband (the yoke) feels like aluminum: light but sturdy. Kind of a matte finish so doesn't show smudges much. "Hinges" seem good (not really hinges in the sense of folding up)

5. Driver housing feels like it wouldn't dent very easily - it is a sturdy plastic, I think. Also hides fingerprints.


Top Five Concerns (from an imagined sturdiness point of view, not due to any actual problems experienced in my short time of ownership of 1-2 weeks):


1. The cord is of moderate length (a little too long for portable use and a little too short for studio use, depending on the set up) and is thinner than average. Doesn't tangle, though. The 3.5mm connector is average, and an attractive metallic finish (IMO)

2.. The joint where the cord attaches to the driver housing appears like it might be on the fragile side - a good bump, if there is such a thing, might have bad consequences. The cables are not detachable.

3. The ear cups are angled toward the ears at a degree off perpendicular, so the back edge sticks out.

4. The ear cups are quite flexible so you get a good fit, but they move in a couple of axis, and I don't know how much torque they could take without problems surfacing. Like if you jam them in a backpack kind of a deal.

5. The part that is exposed as you slide the brackets in  and out to adjust sizing/fit seems to be plastic and not all that robust.


On balance, I'd say it is six of one and a half dozen of the other. I think probably fine for home use at a desk. At a rowdy party or frequently stuffed in a backpack, not so much.


Back on topic ... these cans are VERY light and comfortable, and the 70mm drivers sound VERY good.


Hope this helps. I'm glad I bought them .. much different vibe than what I'm used to from Sony. In a good way.

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