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Help finding headphones.

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I had beats solo that recently broke down because they are cheaply made. Now, I am looking for headphones for when I study in the library (so I won't hear other people pass & talk around me when I study at the library). 


I was looking at the noise cancelling technology but I read that if they are used at low volume, you may actually hear noise from the headphones. Plus I couldn't find any headphones that wouldn't use batteries but USB for charging (since I usually spend 10- 12 hours a day, I wouldn't want to change the batteries every week). 

I would probably prefer good noise isolation since something I turn off the music and wish to not hear the outside noise 


I would be looking to fork out between 30 - 150. Big price difference but I could pay more if they will last and that there is a significant difference in sound. I was looking at the  

Sennheiser HD203 DJ-Style Closed Lightweight Headphones

and was wondering what you thought about them. There are also the HD202 but since I have a big head, I read that they could be less comfortable.


Any input would be appreciated  


Thanks :)

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At which spot in the library do you study? In the crowded area where you're allowed to discuss things, or in the 'silent' rooms where you study in private?


If you study a lot in the quiet rooms, or a near quiet place, I suggest you put your criteria more to comfort.




I myself also study a lot in the library (in the dedicated quiet area's) about 12hours a day when I'm in an exam period, like right now :P. The one I'm using right now are the Sony MDR-1R. They're a bit over your budget but oh well. I picked those because of the comfort, sound quality and because they look great (in my opinion).

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I study in the quiet areas, that are sometimes not so quiet. 

You bring a valid point regarding comfort and will definitively consider it since I do work long hours

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I think the Bose 3's have USB charged ANC. However, active cancellation only works on a few types of sound, and voices are not one of them. Also, the sound quality is not that good and they're out of your budget. You are much better off with passive isolation. I'd recommend the Beyerdynamic DT770's due to their comfort and durability. They'd be at the upper end of your price range.

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What are your impressions of the Sennheiser HD203 DJ-Style Closed Lightweight Headphones?

They are pretty cheap (cost wise). I know that sennheiser are usually a good brand.

How would they compare you think to beats solo?

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