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Replace with white leds, the blue leds cause bad contrast , this is my display with recycled white leds from old nokia phone.The light is better than original


i cant upload images or links .....copy this to see my display https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/49580238/IMG_1195.JPG

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Replace with white leds, the blue leds cause bad contrast , in my display with recycled white leds from old nokia phone the light is better than original


I cant upload images or links to show you

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Gelo, do you know the voltage to the leds?

On mine i have 7.3V which seems to much to me and that may be the cause of them not lighting up.

Also still hesitating to remove the Zebra band from the display!

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@ramachandra I have measured voltages on voltage regulators in control pod https://www.flickr.com/photos/124702258@N03/16753925595/ ( this is picture of my friend, He measured voltage on his working Control pod, the voltages are the same on mine)
I have also measured voltage on wires in Control pod like in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlsThzpK1J0&t=884 ( except he put red wire of multimeter on ground, so he got reversed voltages - negative), I write  mine and his voltages too (corrected)

Voltages of MY Control Pod:
wa2-ground( reference point)
wa3 -17,49v (negative voltage)
wa1 17,15v (positive voltage)
wa9 2,75v
wa8 0,0v
wa7 0,0v
wa6 0,0v
wa5 0,0v
wa4 0,0v
wa10 7,98v
wa11 0,0v
wa12 0,0v
wa13 2,72v
wa14 2,72v
wa15 -x (no connection)
wa16 3,28v

Voltages on HIS Control Pod:

wa2 ground(reference point)
wa3 -18,23v (negative voltage)
wa1 17,40v (positive voltage)
wa9 0,29v
wa8 0,0v 
wa7 0,0v 
wa6 0,0v
wa5 0,0v
wa4 0,0v
wa10 8,11v
wa11 0,0v
wa12 0,0v
wa13 0,0v
wa14 2,84v
wa15 - x (no connection)
wa16 3,28v
You can see that everything is the same except wa9 ( I got 2,75v and he got 0,29v)  and wa13 (I got 2,72v and he got 0,0v)
wa9 is thin gray wire ( i think that is pin 2 SUB IN), and wa13 is thin blue wire (pin 7 Amp Enable), how can this be than...?
I dont know what PID is on Control Pod from the video....

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Sorting things out.


After listening for two weeks now, the distortion on some high end recordings did not go away.

The most recordings are great (98%)  but some female voices distort on all Chanels and only on 6ch direct with surround at max (why not on optical input?)

After some thinking i decided to put back the stock 4700uf filter capacitor so no extentions on this one and changed the wires from the 10000uf Elna capacitors from twisted to full copper.

Now the distortion is a whole lot less but still there on one particular recording.

I do not know if i may put a link here, but you can listen this online sample at low bitrate and these female church voices should sound clean.

At high volume this recording will distort in my case.




It is the 11th recording, O Clarisima Mater and you have to play it on high volume

It is not my kind of music but for testing this one is ok and very nasty :o


My second Z5500 which is not modified, does not distort on this sample so it is not the recording being bad.


I will order nichicons 4700uf and 10000uf with smaller dimensions to solder directly onto the circuit board and then test if this removes the distortion.


I'll keep you posted ;) 

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The 7.8V on the first reg is OK, the 6.14-6.15V is low. I do not know the circuits and there are two diodes beside the others so some voltage drop possibly related and normal. The second pin belong to the adjust, not to the output what you need to check. You can see the pins "Figure 2: Connection Diagram" the "D2PAK" http://datasheet.octopart.com/LM317T-STMicroelectronics-datasheet-111654.pdf

The volume control NJW1150 require 5V and 7V the CS42526 codec need 3.3 and 5V the two CS5351 the same. So we have 3 regulators and 3 voltage requirements already and what you measure should be around this values. I do not expect different requirement from the rest of the chips.





I found this image about the wiring inside the pod.


I'm not sure about the WA9, the Output voltage swing of the R4580I is +-13V still i do not expect to find there more than milivolts with a multimeter in practice. I can be wrong.


The WA13 is the mute for all channels and if your pod was on mute maybe OK. Mute is turn on automatic when no signal detected from the selected input.




I hear no distortion in the vocals just the loud background noise with external DAC.

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No. This is only for 2 channels, there is another ALPS for 6. The Sub will need a separated pot because the volume not stay in balance with the surround.


USB volume control is a better solution.





This are coming with remote control:



The software volume control not the ultimate option because the lower volume achieved loosing some bits as i remember, but possibly the best you can get without dig deep into the world of volume controlling. There is always a tradeoff. For example:


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