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For Sale: Beyer Dynamic DT990 600 OHM (Mint Condition)

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For Sale:
Beyer Dynamic DT990 600 OHM (Mint Condition)

Will Ship To: USA

Hello, my name is Maurice, and if you've clicked this link, you are most likely interested in what you have heard about the DT990's. I bought them merely 6 months ago and could not have been more pleased with the experience I've had. They are extremely well built and clean sounding, light-weight and very responsive. In fact, the ONLY reason I am selling them is because they have inspired me to upgrade. 


I am a very clean person to the point of compulsion. They still smell new. I am very meticulous about how I handle and store them, they have never gotten wet, I have never used them while dirty or sweating. I'm being specific with the hygienic condition of these because as a used headphone, it is what I would like to hear as a buyer lol. Of course, if you just aren't satisfied either way, you could always buy and replace the earpads :/


They are very comfortable and can be worn for hours and hours, I have a very big head so I had to extend them all the way but they fit. I had the case that they came with but it was complete garbage so I tossed it sorry, you wouldn't have wanted it anyway.


I am willing to ship these to anywhere in the USA, shipping is included in the price. The FAQ says to use paypal via credit card, so that's the only form of payment I can take I guess. I want you to feel comfortable with purchasing these so I will also post my phone number so you can give me a call and talk personally if you'd like.


Included is a picture of them, I could take more pics by request. I consider the price a very fair deal for what you are getting, especially since it is nearly half of the "new" price, the price is fixed. These are professional headphones and are not recommended for children. 


Call me if you'd like to discuss the transaction over the phone. Leave a message and I'll call you back if I don't answer.



Or email me if you're more comfortable with that.


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Very nice! I have a set of DT990 in 250 ohms, and have always been interested to know more about the 600 ohm version.


Have you compared the two?  How do these sound compared to the 250 ohms?

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Hey there, thanks for replying. I did extensive research online before I attempted to buy these and the general consensus is that the difference isn't noticeable enough to justify getting one or the other based on sound. No, I haven't listened to both, but I've heard the 600 OHM only very slightly gains more influence from the amp's characteristics than the 250 OHM. I only bought the 600 OHM because they were the same price as the 250 OHM at the time and I just thought "why not?", I had a DAC/Amp at the time. It would not be my recommendation to "upgrade" to a different OHM version as the difference would most likely be insignificant, if that was your intention.




EDIT: I also wanted to add that the assumed reason a headphone company would include such a version of OHM is for professional studio's to consider if it would be better suited for (volume levels, maximized DAC/Amp influence, etc.) on their high end equipment.

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PM sent.
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Headphones have been sold! Please close thread!

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