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Travelling, need headphones for electronic music production/mixing....narrowing it down!

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Hi guys


Im an electronic music producer making breaks, techno, house and the like.  I use KRK VXT8's in my studio and love them.


I am going to live in bangkok, and cant transport my monitors there, so Im looking for seom very good headphones.  I understand that no headphones will substitute monitors, but its my only choice.  I do intend to check and fix mixes on my monitors before releasing anything, but it would also be nice to be able to finish things just on the headphones.


Im looking for something that is honest and close to neutral, but as with my VXT8's I want a bit of vibe to the sound, as because Im trying to be creative and make music I dont like it being too sterile.  I also need them to have enough Umph in the bass end!  Dance music is generally quite bass heavy, and so its quite important to have slightly more than neutral bass, without going to hyped HD25 style bass!


I have a pair of Senhessier HD-25's for Dj'ing, which arent ideal for production/mixing, partly due to comfort and also because they dont exactly give an accurate representation of whats going on!


I also have some Shure 535 In ear phones, and these are great but again not perfectly comfortable for long, and I just dont think any in ear monitor can do what and over ear can.


So I would be checking my mixes on all of these, but really want to get some Go to's for production.


I may be able to get a good deal on Shure stuff, so would be inclined to go that way, looking at the SRH840, SRH940, and SRH 1840.


Ive also been looking at Beyerdynamic and Senheisser alternatives, but just cant narrow it down. 


I am looking to spend up to £500, and will try and listen to some when I have a shortlist, i live in the middle of nowhere so its hard to get to a decent shop!


Srry for the long post, just wanted to be descriptive to start out


Any help greatly appreciated :)



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Anyone :)

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soundmagic HP100, highly detailed, relatively honest (when talking headphones anyway), and very electronica friendly. Doesnt hurt that they are cheap, come with a hard case, and heaps of accessories including and airplane adapter and belt clip.

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I hadnt even come across Soundmagic before, are they a decent brand?


I have  up to £500 to spend, could I do any better?


Ill keep these in mind thanks :)

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In the past I had the HD25, and today I use the GMP 8.35 here is more info: http://www.head-fi.org/t/406658/the-german-maestro-gmp-8-35-d-monitor-in-the-studio-serious-about-audio-indeed

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I have HD-25s and I just dont think they are true enough to mix on.  Also they are very uncomfortable for me afte an hour or so.


I will check my mixes on these, but would prefer something else for production or mixing



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Wow those german maestro HP's look interesting.  Hadnt ever heard of them before.

how do they compare to some of the similar range in other 'Big' brands like shure, senheisser and beyer?

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Fischer Audio 003? Pretty highly regarded HP for being neutral. Though really you can produce on anything if you know your own audio equipment well.

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Not sure what you need for production and mixing but will take it as neutral sounding headphone. I like AKG K550 for that, the Shure SRH-840 are great but the midbass is just way too much a bit, that it sound a bit sibilants. 


Hope this help!

Billson :)

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Originally Posted by robodelfy View Post

I have HD-25s and I just dont think they are true enough to mix on.  Also they are very uncomfortable for me afte an hour or so.


I will check my mixes on these, but would prefer something else for production or mixing




Well, this why I've recommend you the GMP 8.35.happy_face1.gif

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they apparently manufacture a heap of the big brands headphones for them! (even beyers). THis is their effort at promoting their own brand, their in-ear stuff is pretty popular already.

Give them a shot if you can try locally somewhere I rate them as my product of the year. 

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Hi mr bigsby, are you talking about the GMP 8.35?


I sort of had it in my had I would want open or semi open cans, as I have the closed hd25's and thought something different to compliment them.  But I am open to mor closed cans if they sound good!

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oh sorry my quote didnt work. I was actually trying to quote your post on having never heard of soundmagic.


I understood you wanted something closed from your first post, but never the less if your after open try the Fischer Audio FA-011, but still try the HP100- it is seriously good and a shame not to at least give it a go at the price.


For the price of both of these cans, you can do what i did and buy both- its still half the price of one pair of more expensive half as good headphones. If i myself was reading this a couple months ago i would have scoffed and closed the thread. You generally (in all aspects of life) get what you pay for. But please do some research and ask other members about the FA-011 and HP100 both seriously good headphones. If either pair was doubled in price, id still definitely buy them without hesitation.


Like almost all cans, both need 100 hours on them to shine. Dont be afraid to push them a little during burn in.

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I second checking out the AKG K550:


As well as the UE6000\9000:



You also haven't specified if you need those headphones to be sealed? 


If not the Shure 1840 you suggested may be very good, except for the fact they lack bass response, might be less than ideal for producing EDM.

Also I'd say concentrate on the DT-880 in the Beyer line, the DT-770\990 are too colored IMO to be used in a production environment. That actually reminds me that the Beyer DT-250 are an excellent closed option! Check them out...


In the end I believe that any good pair you will get will work for you once you get used to it and "learn" how things sound according to how they sound on the headphones (or the other way around). But do your homework well, try and audition before buying if possible and don't rely too heavily on what people post here, after all this is mainly a consumer forum :-)


Good luck!

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hey man, thanks for the input


yeah well im not even sure wether Im going to go for closed, semi open or open.  I dont need to have the isolation really, but when I first set out thinking i would deifnately want open cans, people started mentioning alll these closed models for EDM.  It seems that its easier to get a good bass response, obviously there must be something lost though.


I have found lots of good reports of the Shure SRH840s.  Im quite keen to try these out.


Other ones that seem to have made teh shortlist, are the AKG702's, The Beyer 880' (or possibly other models). Senheisser hd800, 650s and 600s?


Ive got so confused after a week of forum searching by all the names and models! 


Thanks for all your help guys, any more appreciated

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