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For Sale: SM2/MTPC/a161p

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: US/Canada

Listing a few extra IEM's I have, here ya go guys. As always, US shipping included, I'd prefer the fees on your side. Canada $15 extra +fees. Not overseas unless you're willing to pay intl tracking confirmed ($50)


MTPC- Just back from warranty replacement, new in box, sealed. After receipt of them I'll send you the email/original receipt. You should be set then as the lifetime warranty is intact. Bought these here, so receipt name not mine. New so of course perfect. : $165 SOLD! Thank You


Earsonics SM2- Great shape, but as I have the entire Earsonics line now it's a bit silly to hold on to these. Original owner removed memory wire portion so the result is an "unraveled" look near the connectors. Wire is fine, just missing the sleeve/memory portion. It was a trend when they came out with the V2's as people don't seem to like the memory portion. Complete, box/tips etc. I will put on a new JHA cable (black) on the unit if you wish for an additional $20. Otherwise I'll ship as is and throw in an old Westone clear cable that's still serviceable but has "gone green". :$150 (+$20 for new cable) SOLD!


MEElectronics A161P- like new in box, removed to try once, and returned to box. Bought on a whim, they're perfect.$60


I'll consider trades to members with positive feedback, I'd prefer to sell one or more outright so that's preference. Looking for IEM's I haven't tried (check my profile), maybe a good quality portable amp.


I also have an SM3 and an SM1 I MAY let go for the right offer, but for now they're not on the table.


Thanks again 

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pm sent

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