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Help grado ms1-i

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Hi all
I purchased some modded ms1-i headphones.
They sound wonderful but I would like to reverse the holes that have been made in the back of the drivers .
What would I be able to use.
I guess also I would have to cut something to go around the whole of the driver as I guess if not this would change the sound.
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Nickchen ( guy behind the MS1000) once suggested plain tape...



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Thanks for your advice.
I was thinking of mailing Alessandro and asking them how much it would cost to replace them as really I would like to listen to how they are really meant to be
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Why don't you just buy sheet of felt with tape on one side, and cut a ring the same ID and OD as the back of the driver where the holes are and you should be fine!

After all, that is what is there from the factory, no?

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Hi Joseph69
I ordered some felt last night and will try and see how that goes.
Thanks any way
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I have heard of people using Dynamat to cover the holes.

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grado ms1i is a new headphone =)


you can also use blutak to cover the holes, it is alot less messy compared to dynamat as well

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Thanks guys for all your ideas ,much appreciated.
It's all getting very exciting as im going to build my own cable next month and some woodies as well hehe 😃
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I have just received some sticky round felt pads the same size as the drivers.
So tonight I will take the cups apart for the first time and play around a little.
I find the highs harsh and raw which is just lovely but would line just to tame the highs just a tad.
I do like the rawness of the headphones.especialy with trance music.tiesto radio 1 on podcast has such a
Beautiful sound and tone .
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Hi all
Well ive cut the felt in a circle and have cut a circle on the inside so the felt only covers around the out edge over the holes that have been made.
Put them together and yes.ive hit the sweet spot as far as I'm concerned.
A little less upfront bass some tamed highs and brought the treble forward a little .
Sounds like raw in yer face im there music now 😃
Woo hoo not bad for a newbie.
Now to muck around with home made cables.
Omg I think I've got the bug lol
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