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How to "pair" Sennheiser RS180 headphones to mini Ipad?

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Hi all,


I'm having a really frustrating time trying to figure out whats wrong here.  Out of the box new pair of headphones and trying to pair with my ipad, but the ipad is not discovering the headphones and my iphone and computer haven't discovered the headphones either.


Is there some trick to hold the multi function button down for 3 seconds or something??? Or should they just be ready to pair out of the box with any device?


Thanks for any much needed help


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The rs180 cant be paired directly to the ipad you must use the cable to connect it to the base station then you must turn on both the base and the headphone.

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I also own the RS180 with an additional pair of phones. My wife and I use them for watching TV. I assume you have them correctly connected to the iPad, I'm guessing you use a dual RCA female jack to mini plug adapter into the headphone out. The single headphone should connect automatically right out on the box, however if it doesn't, turn off the transmitter and the phones, then turn them back on holding down the "ON:" buttons on both the transmitter & the phones for 7 seconds keeping the two units no more than 3 feet apart. After releasing the buttons the units should pair, however this may take 30 seconds, be patient.

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Thanks so much for the quick replies.


So fatcat, what your saying is I have to plug in my ipad to the "base/transmitter" via the RCA cable?


I thought it could all be done wireless by bluetooth, so I must have my ipad wired to my base station?

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Idiot alert!!!! Sorry guys, feel like a total moron....I am honestly technologically challenged!


But plug in the ipad to the base and it works perfectly now!!! Thanks so much for the advice!


Now I wonder, if I buy an apple air port, then can I connect that air port to the sennheiser base and wirelessly connect that way? 



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Yes, you can as long as it has a headphone or rca output. because rs180 is kleer wireless not bluetooth wireless. you can use a kleer portable transmitter to connect it to the rs180 headphones if you want a portable rig with it. just go to ebay and search for kleer and something should turn up.normal_smile%20.gif


edit: just did a search on ebay and the kleer equipment list was not like it used to be.

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Appreciate it Very Legal! Will see what I can find.


At least I'm finally able to enjoy the fantastic quality of these headphones, was a bit naturally skeptical of the wireless headphones, but totally impressed so far.

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I'm happy you got it working, I know you'll enjoy them.

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I suspect that using the airport and then the RS180 wireless system will make any encoding artifacts seem much worse, because AIUI the airport compresses and decompresses the audio during transmission, and the Sennheiser's "Kleer" digital system also digitally compresses/decompresses.

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