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Deezer - Worth using a DAC?

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I have a Deezer Premium account, which I use on my PC, HTC One X and Sony Tablet S. I use Grado SR80i phones.

I have been considering buying a usb dac/heaphone amp, but wondering if it will be a waste of money with the streamed audio.

Is there any way to utilise the DAC with the phone and tablet, or will they have to remain analogue output? Can any of these DAC devices take a 3.5mm input and just usethe headphone amp side of things?

There seems to be a lot of dac/phone amps out at the moment with a price of around £250. How would the sound quality of these compare to the Asus Essence STX soundcard that I use in my pc? Will I end up wanting to replace the STX with an external device?
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Only good reason to use a dac is if your source output sounds shiit. Which mine does so i bought a ud100 dac which works great, is cheap($50) and is super tiny. it also works with my nexus7 with some software modding but i have yet to ever actually use the nexus7 - ud100 - portable amp - headphone combo because its far to much hassle and i'd never get laid if i busted that out in public.



using the dac with a tablet works depending on what tab and dac you have, same for phones.

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