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For Sale: IC: Grado HP-1000 + ECP DSHA-1

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For Sale:
IC: Grado HP-1000 + ECP DSHA-1

Will Ship To: CONUS

This is been my work rig lately and it is killer.  This is the best solid state pairing I've ever heard with the HP-1000's and as such I won't be splitting this up.


The HP1000's are HP-1's with the polarity switches and are one of my favorite sets of dynamics.  As far as balance, attack, and styling they are probably my favorite set of dynamics ever owned.  Their resolution doesn't reach HD800 levels and they can be uncomfortable - those are about the only negatives I can think of.  


The DSHA-1 is a really cool solid state amp - its set up with a tube amp topography with MOSFET's instead of tubes.  It toes a good line between detail and linearity while still retaining some of the tube "magic." 


Here's an album of shots of my DSHA-1.  I'll have to get HP-1 pictures out to interested parties, I don't have any on hand - they have about 70% lettering and the newer TTVJ flats.  


My listed price is what I consider fair for this listing.  If someone is looking for a DAC/full rig I may be able to oblige.


Since I actually like this gear and I'm bound to get some "if you like it so much why don't you marry keep it" questions, I'll clear that up - I have a chance to buy a very rare and expensive speaker amp that's been out of production for a while now and I've been looking for for years.  There was only one unit sold in the US and should things work out it will soon be mine.  Can't justify all the headphone gear and (way more expensive) speaker gear though, so some things have to go.

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Just out of curiosity, may I know what's the amp that could force you to sell this great pairing?

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