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Originally Posted by alecenriquez View Post


They are about the same price as the pro 900's. Have you heard both? They are super sexy though...

I personally preferred the M100's sound over the pro 900s, but I had the M100s for about 2 months and I only did a short demo with the pro 900s. I may feel differently if I was able to do a direct comparison.


the M100 is pretty damn amazing with EDM & those are the first headphones I think of when someone asks about best closed portable headphones for EDM. this is a personal opinion tho lol

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I would recommend on-ear DT 1350 very portable, stronger (like a tank), sound detailed (beyerdynamic...) also recommend the Sennheiser HD 25-1 II (more bass in comparison of Beyerdynamic), also stronger and for my opinion a little bit less portable but well.
These are fine and not necessary amp, if you like bass Sennheiser will be your choice.


In over-ear... take a look on DT 990 pro (amplified)




P.D.(in case sennheiser buy the basic edition is more cheap) beyersmile.png

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I would get the DT770. I love edm swell and i am looking for a good paie that is durable and sounds well under 150. Any recomendations might go with the DT770 myself? Please respond!!
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Hi Blungo995

What was your choice?

What are your feelings with your new headphones?




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I'd look into the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro, and DT 770.

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I am taking the dive back to Beyerdynamics DT770 for my EDM needs.  I listen to a lot of atmospheric drum n' bass.  A lot of high frequency and low frequency details.  If my memory serves me well that fit the DT770's nicely.


How does the 250 ohm vs 80 vs 32 ohm variations affect playback?  Is it just drivability? 


Thank you again....

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Get the Yamaha MT220!

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Hi AdamTR,


I bought the final pair of the MHT220 from B&H.  Amazed by the dedicated pages here on Head-Fi.  How have I have let these come to pass?  Can't wait.  Should be a good pairing with my AK Jr.




Thank you again!

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Amazing headphone; at any cost.. Thank you, Adam.

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V-Moda M-100s

/end thread

I am an EDM head myself, and there's no better headphones IMO for it. If you want a lot of bass, you could also try the LP2s, but you sacrifice portability for it. I prefer the M-100 because if gives you a much better sound image with bass. They looks amazing, have great built-quality and sound fantastic for EDM. Only gripe is sound isolation, but if you don't DJ, than you're golden.

There's tons of reviews on them online as well.
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You're welcome, glad you liked it!

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