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They are about the same price as the pro 900's. Have you heard both? They are super sexy though...

I personally preferred the M100's sound over the pro 900s, but I had the M100s for about 2 months and I only did a short demo with the pro 900s. I may feel differently if I was able to do a direct comparison.


the M100 is pretty damn amazing with EDM & those are the first headphones I think of when someone asks about best closed portable headphones for EDM. this is a personal opinion tho lol

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I would recommend on-ear DT 1350 very portable, stronger (like a tank), sound detailed (beyerdynamic...) also recommend the Sennheiser HD 25-1 II (more bass in comparison of Beyerdynamic), also stronger and for my opinion a little bit less portable but well.
These are fine and not necessary amp, if you like bass Sennheiser will be your choice.


In over-ear... take a look on DT 990 pro (amplified)




P.D.(in case sennheiser buy the basic edition is more cheap) beyersmile.png

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I would get the DT770. I love edm swell and i am looking for a good paie that is durable and sounds well under 150. Any recomendations might go with the DT770 myself? Please respond!!
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Hi Blungo995

What was your choice?

What are your feelings with your new headphones?




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I'd look into the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro, and DT 770.

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