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Hey guys, 


I've been doing a bit of research and want to see if I'm on the right track for my first set of real headphones and amp/DAC. My real conundrum is that I mostly listen mostly to classical music and dubstep, with a bit of jazz in there too, so I was thinking open backed but on the bass heavy side? I pretty much only listen through Spotify (320 kps) on my imac or ipad/phone. Here's what I was thinking:


Ultrasone HFI 2400

FiiO E09 Desktop Amp 

FiiO E07 DAC


I want to get an amp and/or DAC but really cant afford to spend more than $500 on everything right now (grad school problems). Also, the E07 has its own amp with enough output to power the HFI 2400 (70 ohm) from my iPad/phone. I'm in school for music and structure my practice time to include quite a bit of listening and would like some kind of portable amp to use when I'm not home (it's in an office or practice room alone so I don't need to worry about noise bleed).


What do y'all think? I realize classical and dubstep are on pretty separate ends of the spectrum for headphones, so I'm just looking for something versatile enough for both. Also, this is my first hifi set up ever, so I'm sure I'll be satisfied listening to dubstep even if the bass is a little lacking for a high end phone/that the soundscape is much bigger than I'm used to/etc. The speakers I use on the desktop are Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 that I got about 6 years ago (Originally I wanted to upgrade those, but I think I get can a better overall audio experience with headphones in my price range).


Thanks in advance!