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I thought this would be a cool thread, seems to be some pretty rockin' guys on head-fi so I'm sure they got some cool shoes,


Here's a few of mine.....








So what are you guys walkin' around in?

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Originally Posted by hippie View Post






This looks like an Adidas Performance Samba Classic, am I correct? I think this can also be used for Indoor Soccer. I play once or twice a week and I see similar shoes from friends. Anyway, cool collections bro! I like the Chuck Taylors too.

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Puma and Asics all the way.
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check out my fresh kicks

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I have had a pair of shoes more or less like this (not the same one's ..but basically the same shoe style) since 1987~ or so..  Doc Martens .. sadly the newer ones made in Vietnam really are not as good as the vintage ones made in the U.K.  but what can you do .. welcome to the global economy.


growing up in Seattle.. I saw many great bands while wearing a pair of these shoes..  Nirvana, TAD, Mudhoney, Gas Huffer , Sonic Youth, Black Flag, PiL,... Fastbacks , The Gits, L7, Screaming Trees... oh man the list is just too long.. to remember.. anyways I don't always wear these shoes..but I have had a pair basically my entire adolescence / adult life..



The difference between 1987 and now is I have orthopedic insoles in them now...

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Originally Posted by akg fanboy View Post


check out my fresh kicks



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