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best IEM's under 40$

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What are some good value iem's under 40$? are the Phillips SHE3580 or astrotec am-90 good, and how do they compared with MH1C?



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Well first off -

Unless you aren't looking for recs, and this is just an attempt to make a general list of a bunch of budget stuff. In which case I get it :P


Otherwise, would be helpful if you stated sound sig preferences/whatever sound you're looking for in this case, comfort, build, isolation, etc.

The SHE3580s are a bit thin, mid-recessed, a bit too peaky and sparkly, but the bass is adequate, loads of subbass though it can get boomy. Still plenty detailed for the price. The MH1C in comparison has much, MUCH more body and note weight. Huge clumps of bass, smooth treble and mids (rather good if not overshadowed by bass) great staging, ergonomics are a complete cluster[redacted] though.

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Sorry, but thanks for the reply, is the MH1C much better than the phillips?

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