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New SoundCard

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recently i have decided to buy a new sound card for my SteelSeries Siberia v2 headphones

i bought the headphones without the USB sound card since i understood from posts and people that this soundcard sucks and not worth buying.

I have been reading alot in this forum about onboard soundcards under 100$,and the least i could understand is that the Asus DX or D1 soundcards are worth buying for my budget.


so can some one plz helping me decide which is more suitable for my headphones the asus DX or D1(cause i dont have a clue in this area of soundcards) generally i use my headphones for music and movies,and im using my stock Intel DH55HC onboard soundcard

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DX is the PCI Express version of the D1. Check your motherboard if you have free PCIe or PCI slots.

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