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Sennheiser MM550-X or Momentum?

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Hi all! I already have a pair of Sen/Adidas for running, so I started with Sennheiser to find a good pair of headphones to listen to while studying (low volume), travelling (walking or on flight) and at home reading or watching movies. I hate noise bleeding and hearing other's at the same time, so figured noise cancelling could be good? I tried Beats, Bose, Sony's, Shure's and Denon's. Out of all, the sound balance was the best in Shure's and Sennheiser and its subjective, based on music and my hearing. I didn't like the Shure's massive framing.


So here's my conundrum: 


I listen to electronic (Hernan Cattaneo etc), rock and pop but like clear and bass (medium) sound at not such high levels. I never realized how great "wireless" headphones could be till I walked around with my phone synced and left in my coat. So the MM550-X is limited on volume in bluetooth/noise cancelling mode, and the noise cancelling isn't all that. However, the sound quality is excellent and well balanced. I'm not sure if its SRS off or on, but one of them sounds crap while the other's great - controls a bit to get used to. The 550's are loaded, but are they durable?


The momentums have been tried and tested, simple and comfortable. They seal the noise fairly OK and have no bleeding, plus have a great style while being light. But are wired.


I didn't notice that much of a sound difference between the two, although the momentums sounded fairly more balanced across difference sound ranges. 


Question: Found a place where the prices for them are the same and now I'm wondering which one to get. Any advice? Please! confused_face_2.gif




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If you're happy with the sound of the MM550-X and like their practicality then why not go with them? That's what I do if I came to that conclusion. Having no wires and your phone out of the way is very nice indeed. I'm partly there with the Samsung HS3000.
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Hey! Because when I tried the blue tooth and the volume was limited, it was primarily in a insulated environment so I don't know how it is day to day? It's wierd but you notice a lack of frequencies when you first try them on, but after a while that's not the case. I like to keep things for the long haul so that's why I was asking for opinions, in terms of experience smily_headphones1.gif I really like the style of the momentums!

Thanks for the advice
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Wear any headphone and you'll adjust to the sound, unless it's really awful.
I loved the Momentums, only they didn't fit me because of the small cups. They would be my go-to portables if they did. Damn you Sennheiser.
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I have to say the headphones are phenomenal!! Well built, convenient and on my flight ran outta battery but they operated normally. Noise cancellations good enough. The range of frequency great so far! Highly recommend them!
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I went for the Sennheiser MM 550-X for their noise-canceling technology. The very superficial, multi-language, instructions that came with the headphones seem to say that I should press the white "Noisegard" button on the left earphone to invoke noise-canceling. The button lights up, but you could hardly call what happens "noise-canceling". Even with the over-the-ear earpieces, plenty of noise intrudes.


Am I doing something wrong? I've emailed Sennheiser about this but have received no answer after weeks of waiting.



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I own a pair of Sennheiser PXC 360-BT, which are the same as the MM 550-X but without microphone, very advisable multifunctional cans with good sound fidelity; though I'm afraid you are using noise cancelling correctly. Indeed it doesn't work superbly.


I don't have more noise-cancelling headphones to compare with, but as far as I now, noise cancellation is targeted at low frequencies (this is where those "90% of environmental noise" tiny words printed on the blister come to play). It won't mask a conversation, but they perform very well in other situations like noise produced by engines, washing machines, etc.


Also check this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EwkaRvIduw

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Ok, very hard decision my friend,

The momentum are just about the best music headphones, they really bring your music to live with great mids and lows and perfect base for my taste, not booming like dr.beats etc just perfectly present. Confortable fit.

Now, the mm550's are fully packed with technologies, Bluetooth, noise cancelling, srs etc. Of course no wires is great, noise cancelling works good except it cancels about 70% of the base (can go around this by cranking the volume and using srs which brings back some base) , music under blutooth as good as wired, very nice sounding, mids a bit flat but very good anyhow. Also the volume maximum is not what your use too in that price range. at first Ithought of returning them finding I could not pump up the volume as high as my monentum. But after some getting use to them, I very happy and learned that sound is great without that need to listen to high volume all the time. Very confortable fit.

So if you want a pair of headphones mostly for music listening - Momentums are a great choice.

If you want headphones with great technologies, portability and still very good sounding headphones, go with the mm 550's.

I'm lucky enough to own both and enjoy them equally depending of my needs for the day. But again if it's mainly to enjoy your music, the momentums will make you very very very happy.

Good luck, can't go wrong with any of them
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I bought the mm450-x's and the mm550-x's to audition both.  I ended up returning the mm550-x's as I felt the 450's sounded as good if not better and for whatever reason the noise cancelling seemed to be better for me on the 450's.  In addition to that the 450's fold up much smaller than the 550's so they are great for me when traveling since they don't take up as much space in my bag.

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Anyone also tried the sony mdr1rbt mk2? How do they compare to the mm550 xs? Which would you choose and why?

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