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About burning in

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Hi, I got my new headphones today, and I heard about that burning in thing, so I hooked it up to my PC and set the volume to 95%.

I leaved them like that for about hour and a half and then I read that doing it with very high volumes may damage the drivers, so did I do any damage? :O


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Probably not
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Why would you leave them at very high volumes...


And agreed, probably not.

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Depends on how loud 95% is for those headphones. If you did any damage, you should be able to hear it when you listen to them. Does anything sound really off?

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Luckily not, I think they're okay, and even nicely burned in :D

Thanks for commenting!

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In terms of 'Burning in' I think its of the view that you listen to your music at an acceptable level over a period time, for example 20hrs.  Anything between 100 - 200hrs is what most audiophiles would recommend for your earphones/cables to be properly 'burned in'.


Its like buying a Porsche/Ferrari/Lamborghini/Bugatti for instance.  You dont drive at 95% output as soon as you take it out the showroom.  No, you treat it like a lady, with respect,and gentleness and the same goes for your phones, treat them with respect, and gentleness and you will be rewarded with many years of pleasure.   beyersmile.png 

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