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A New LOD Design.for C&C BH

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So i've noticed most of the people using like this with their ipod.




and the thing that bothers me is the volume wheel and the headphones output being on the buttom side of the ipod.

what do you guys think of this design?


as you can see. the cable is invisible since the Ipod is wider than the AMP and its also abit roundinsh on the sides which creates a free space between their two sides as can be seen in the 1st picture.

only problem can be seen is the connectors, for those i inclueded option 1 and option 2 in the purple circles.

this problem can also be overriden by using more "soft" cables like in 1st picture.


Any opinions are more tha welcome.


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Looks good, if you're happy with that design you can have one made easily I know a guy who can build it. You'd just need to measure it up.

If you're interested shoot me a msg and I'll forward his details. Shouldn't cost a fortune.
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Although i would like to hear more opinions about that, and where do people usually prefer their earphones outpul and volume wheel to be( upper side /lower side)

i would also like to continue and explore this possibility. so please do forward me to him


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