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For Sale: Fiio E10 (Mint Condition)

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For Sale:
Fiio E10 (Mint Condition)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling my mint condition Fiio E10.  Probably used for 20-30 hours of listening.  Liked it so much that I went ahead and purchased the E17.  Have also since purchased an Audioengine D1, so this has basically just been sitting around. I believe this is the second revision.  It functions perfectly.  Please note that there is a newer version that has the words "Olympus" written on the back.  I haven't really done the research to determine if anything has changed in the newer version, but please just be aware that this is not the newest version.


Asking price for the Fiio E10 is $ + shipping cost, which should be minimal since the package would be light.


Note: The Squeezebox previously mentioned in this post is no longer available.


Additional Feedback:

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PM sent

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Do you still have this for sale? If so, I'm interested

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