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For Sale: AKG K701 and K702

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
AKG K701 and K702

Will Ship To: USA



Pretty used but in good condition. Definitely needs some new pads.


$75, buyer pays shipping.




Barely used but there is a small paint chip... Seen in the photo. 


$125, buyer pays shipping.

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PM! Wow nice timing on the refresh, me.


Payment sent!

Edited by Ishcabible - 3/26/13 at 6:30pm
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pm here as well!

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K701 is sold.

K702 pending.

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K701 sold to elttaboi


K702 sold to Ishcabible


Thanks to all who were interested!

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crazy price.......

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I happened to refresh literally the listing was created; don't feel too bad. It's kind of a miracle I managed to get in on time. I wanted the K701, but somehow I was beaten to it. tongue_smile.gif

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Incredible price...

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Finally someone not trying to sell for the same price he paid them new :P

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I know it already sold but can't keep myself checking back this topic....zzZZZzzz...what am i hoping for lol


close the topic plz otherwise i have to go back to check again and again ^_^

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I bought a pair of K701s for 125 shipped and thought I got a great deal. This is flat out robbery.

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Sorry all!


Thought I had closed the listing already.

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