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For Sale: Woo Audio WA22 Black (Aus) 220v

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For Sale:
Woo Audio WA22 Black (Aus) 220v

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale is the Woo Audio WA22 headphone amplifier I bought in April last year from Addicted to Audio in Melbourne. It is in black and is identical to the one in the photo below. It is in mint condition with box, manual and original tubes, and is a 220v unit, so suitable for Australia or Asia. I have rarely used this amp, since I mostly use my RSA solid state amp for day to day listening, and kept this one only for occasional dedicated listening sessions - in fact it is probably not fully run in yet. There are many reviews on the web, particularly on head-fi, all of them excellent. This is certainly the best tube headphone amp I have used, and I have previously owned the Ray Samuels B-52 (at a significantly higher price).


I also have the Sophia Princess tube and some NOS Mullards and Tung-sols which can be sold separately if the buyer is interested.


Actual photos to follow.


Pick-up is preferred in Sydney's but I am happy to ship at the buyer's expense. Please note that the amp is very heavy and so shipping outside Australia would be expensive.

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Sale pending.

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