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Headphones - M50 ...

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I'm searching headphones with:

- Good isolation - Office, Flights

- Very good sound

- without sound leak

- Comfortable - As I would like to use them during long flights 


I currently Sennheiser 218 which are not that comfortable and hurts after one hour.


I read some good reviews about ATH M50. 


Please advice.




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If you need comfort, I'd take a look at the Beyerdynamic DT770's. They fit all the other requirements very well, too.

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I'm price range is 50-130...

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M50's will fit the bill with out breaking the bank. I really like mine. There are, however, many cans that might work for you. I would suggest either editing this post or start a new one with a title like "Good isolation,Sound and Comfort Headphones?" The body of post is fine.

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Actually if isolation and leakage are a big problem for you, IEM's might be a better way to go in that price range. If you can stretch your budget a little bit the DT770 80 Ohms can be had new for around $150, perhaps the other models are available for less (they're typically cheaper). Or you could grab a used pair.

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Well, I've used my M50s in the way that you've described for years and I'm quite satisfied.  Isolation is quite good.  Good bang for the buck and pretty versatile for different musical styles.  Very good build -- which counts for a lot dragging them back and forth to work every day.


I find mine comfortable, but not in the same league as the Beyers, Senns, and big AKGs.  Naturally some of this will depend on the individual fit.  My ears are such that the m50s don't touch the pinna -- but I've read other postings where listeners report that the cups are not big enough for them and exert too much pressure.  Also it seems that listeners who want strong bass tend to be disappointed; you can find plenty of postings on this.


For airplane travel I think you'd find that IEMs offer  even better isolation.  I sometimes take my Etymotic MC3s to really close out the sound of the jet engines.  Those have a pure, clear sound (but a bit light on bass).  However, I can't wear them quite as long as the ATH M50s.


Moving up the Sennheiser line to the HD 439 will give you a lot more comfort with velvet ear cushions and light weight plastic construction.  Not as clear and extended and the ATH M50, not as durable, and not as much isolation.  Still I find them very comfortable... and they do have detachable cable, so that can be replaced if needed.  I got mine (for a temporary work situation) from a local best buy for about $80.    Does a nice job of blending bass to mids and conveys a better sense of 'space' compared to the M50s.  Still it's a closed headphone and not as spacious as most open backed models.

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I am selling my M-50's if you are interested they are good headphones.

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The M50s fit all of your needs except for flight use. The isolation is only average for over-ear, closed-back heaphones, and they're a little too bulky for portability.


I second all IEM recommendations if you travel on airplanes often. With a good seal, any decent IEMs should provide isolation comparable to noise-canceling headphones, but IEMs from Etymotic and Shure should provide some of the highest noise isolation levels possible, if you desire such.      

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imho, creative aurvana live blew M50 in term of everything. they're small but can't be folded though.


if you don't mind importing, JVC S500 with circumaural pad is probably a good choice.

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