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For Sale:
Big tube sale - EML 274B Mesh plate, Mullard GZ33, various 6SN7 tubes and more

Will Ship To: CONUS

Hi and thanks for looking.  I am selling a variety of different tubes from my personal collection as listed below:


- Emission Labs 274B Meshplate rectifier - Lightly used @ approximately 300 hours this is the older style with the larger broad shouldered glass bottle.  Asking $175 typical new is $250.


- Mullard GZ33 rectifier - Very very lightly used @ approx. 50 hours.  This tube was bought true NOS.  There is browning on the glass from getter activity all of which occurred in the first 20 hours of the tube's use.  This is normal for the mullards and the glass was unstained when new indicating a never used tube at the time I bought it.  Asking $75 typical new anywhere from $75 to 150+.  These are extremely similar to the GZ37 but this version has slightly less voltage drop.


- Matching pair of Brimar 6SN7GTY brown base.  Purchased NOS from Upscale Audio and used very lightly with approx. 100 hours of use.  Asking $75 they are $100 new from Upscale who generally has the price to beat on these.


- Matching pair of Sylvania 6SN7GT.  These are the tubes called the "Bad Boys" - 3-hole t-plate, bottom getter, medium glass, made in 1952.  Purchased NOS from for $159.  Lightly used for only a few hours, there is some getter redepositing at the top which was present when I received them.  I am asking $90 which I consider a more honest price rather than what I overpaid.


- Matching pair of Sylvania 6SN7W.  These are the short base, t-plate style with the extra support rod between the micas.  Very highly regarded Sylvania tube with great tone.  Purchased NOS from an eBay seller and used for only a few hours by me.  Asking $70.


- Finally, I have a small lot of tubes I think would make a great "starter set" for a new owner of a Darkvoice or LaFigaro 336 amp.  Consisting of 1 Tung-Sol 6AS7G, 1 Chatham 6080W metal base, 1 Raytheon 6SN7GTB (branded Traveler), 1 Sylvania 6SNGTA t-plate, 1 RCA 6SN7GT (branded Crosley), and 1 GE 6SN7GTB (branded W/U).  This provides a nice cross-section of the 6SN7 landscape with the clear and dynamic Raytheon, the sweet sounding Sylvania, the lush sounding RCA and the mellow and smooth sounding GE.  Asking $40 for the whole lot.  All of these tubes are strong and will provide many hours of us, most of them are near NOS emission.


A final word about the tubes.  I don't own my own tube tester but these tubes have all come from sellers I trust.  More importantly I have personally used all of these tubes in my own amplifiers and can confirm they are not noisy or microphonic.  This is a better test of a tube than any tube tester can provide.  A tube can easily test good on a tester but be noisy junk when you try it in your amp.  As for why I am selling them, this is mostly because my collection has gotten way larger than it needs to be and my next amp will not be using any of these types of tubes so it is time to thin the collection a little.  Many of the 6SN7s are duplicate pairs I'm eliminating to save space, I'm not getting rid of them because I don't like how they sound.


Both shipping and Paypal fees will be covered by me, so the price shown next to the item is the final price paid by you.  Please keep this in mind when purchasing since shipping and paypal costs will generally eat $10 out of the profit on the item being sold.  Shipping is to CONUS only but I will consider making arrangements for Canada if asked.  All sales are final unless there is a problem with the tubes upon receipt.


Thank you for looking!  Please let me know if there are any questions.

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