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Looking for good quality headphones

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Hi, I'm a 15 year old male teen who has some knowledge on headphones, but I need your help, I want a new pair of headphones and I really like the style of the beats studios, but the sound quality is terrible, after I looked into this I found sennheisers HD419's but I really don't like the plastic on the headphones, after all that I finally came to SMS street by 50, I love the style on these so much, but they are above the price range I am looking for and I think they lack sound quality I was just wondering if there are any headphones of a similar style but good quality at the same time?

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I mainly listen to really bassy dubstep by the way
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Do any of the versions of the Audio Technica M50 or any of the V-Moda headphones look good to you?

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They both look quite good, where could I pick them up for their lowest price if you know?
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Try asking in the deals thread. I know they mention a few sites for specific models, but I haven't priced these lately so I don't know who's selling for the cheapest now.

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Thanks man smily_headphones1.gif
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If you don't mind buying an open box/refurbed, check out the Sony ZX701P




I just bought a refurbed pair of these that arrived few days ago and so far I've been very impressed with them.  I own a pair of HD419s/428s/Creative Aurvana Lives/and Denon D2000's and have tried out the M50's exclusively so I have a little experience with various closed headphones.


The 419's sounds pretty nice overall, but I would say that the ZX701p has considerably better build quality (and MUCH better cable), while sounding more refined as well.  The M50's are a little better than the Sony's, but asides from having slightly more bass, I doubt think that it warrants 2.5X the price.


The Creative Aurvana Lives had been my previous favorite closed headphones at its pricepoint (around 70 dollars), but after having received my Sony's, I think that it definitely trumped the CAL esp on the pricepoint.


I strongly recommend getting the Sonys if you don't mind buying an open boxed, if not, you can't really go wrong with the 419's either for 30 bucks on Amazon

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Thanks alot man, that's really useful and I didn't consider looking into open boxed heaphones, thanks for the recommendation aswell
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If you're looking at that headphone, also search for the ZX700, which is identical except it doesn't have a mic and controls. There were some deals posted for the mic'd version earlier, but I'm not sure which one is cheaper now.

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