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For Sale: Bendix 6385

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For Sale:
Bendix 6385

Will Ship To: Anywhere

"""...The Bendix Red Bank TE-21 is a 2C51 type dual triode that was produced exclusively by a division of Bendix Aviation during the late '50s and early '60s. It was manufactured solely for the military and was an integral part of the on-board guidance circuitry for ICBMs. Every TE-21produced was tested for 100 hours run-in
under various overload vibration and shock conditions likely to be encountered in service, and had to match sections exactly, before it was allowed out the door.

 The cost, to the government, of every tube produced is estimated to be in excess of $250 (1950s dollars.) In the true cold war, M.A.D. dark humor of the era, the TE-21 was nicknamed the "Commie Smasher" by the plant employees at Red Bank, NJ.

It's the only triode whose data sheet graphs characteristics at different altitudes and temperatures (an important consideration in a missle), as well as warm-up time (45 seconds) and minimum service life (10,000 hours.) It has a transconductance of nearly twice any other commercially produced tube of its type. Its amplification factor is in excess of 40 -- versus a factor of 35 for the standard 2C51......"""
The tube is higher than standard 2c51 and built like a tank.
Heater cycling - life test - 3000 on-off

This is superior tube to any ever produced of the type 2c51.
The tube is NOS in original military box (dated pkd 11-1964), never used.


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I am interested in this pair bendix 6385 tubes. Are they still available?
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tubes are available

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several tubes still available

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