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IE-8 Warranty Question

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So I was listening to some lossless Midnight Oil last night and the right channel started dropping out on the right side - I pulled off the cable and re-inserted it and all was fine - but then it dropped out again. I tapped the bud in my ear and it came back on. No more problems until this morning - then another tap and all was well - has anyone had this problem? These are still under warranty until November 2013 - if it doesn't go away, how will Sennheiser fix it?- what if I send them and they cannot replicate the problem? Sheesh. I love these cans....

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sorry to hear that....

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I know. I just don't want to send them in and have them returned with "no problem found."

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Send them in
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They will fix it provided that they are less than 2 years old and you have the receipt. There may be a problem with the cable. 

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