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Hi been lurking here for a while and now i want to upgrade my gear.


My budget is about 600$ to put into an Amplifier and Headphone. I can stretch that budget a little further if i wait.


I currently own the HD 518 and ATH M-50, I like the HD 518 more. I would prefer an Open Headphone.

I currently own the fiio e10 amp/dac it doesn't seem to improve the SQ much.

my source is laptop.


combo's that i was thinking of buying.


HD 600/650 + Crack + Speedball


HE 400 + Schiit Asgard.


HE 500 + e10 that i currently own.


Any other headphones or amps that i should be looking at? I am looking for the best bang for the buck headphone + amp combo that i can buy.