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Looking for Comments/Suggestions on Setup

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While sitting at my desk my audio setup is as it states in my signature:




Nothing controversial here, right? Anyway, I recently purchased a pair of cans with a longer cord that allows me to lay on my bed and listen to music, rather than at my desk. Of course, the problem is that I can't jump from track to track, artist to artist, etc. from my bed. I could use the remote application on my iPhone and control iTunes from my bed, which I don't think would raise any audio degradation concerns, obviously. Alas, there is still no way to control Spotify from my bed, which I listen to quite a bit. Then I got the idea that I could just use Apple's AirPlay with my Apple TV to stream Spotify (I actually got the idea from a local audio shop which was running a similar setup). The setup looks like this: 


Apple Lossless/Spotify -----Wi-Fi Streaming-----> Apple TV / S/PDIF / DAC / RCA / AMP / HEADPHONES 


My concern here is whether I am losing audio quality from the first setup to the second one due to the wi-fi streaming. The guy at the audio shop said it retains 100% of the audio quality. What do you guys think? Any suggestions on how either setup could be improved? Thanks.

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There are two possible limitations that I can see with the AppleTV solution. 1) it resamples all audio to 48KHz, which you may or may not notice while listening. 2) higher likelihood of packet loss and dropouts, depending on your wireless environment.

If you're cool with the resampling and you already know you've got a solid wifi connection with no dropouts, then it may work fine for you. If not, there are other options, such as the Remoteless app to control Spotify.

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