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Are HD 598s a great starting choice for headphones? Or..?

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I've been lurking head-fi for quite a while, and the forum quite influenced me on my last pickup of IEM's (GR07's) and I've decided to make an account

And now, I've decided on getting a full-sized pair, and I'm currently looking at the Senn HD598's

Would these be a great pickup, or are there any alternatives for a guy who enjoys Rock, Alternative, and a dash of Indie music?
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They're a bit on the bass light side if that affects your decision. They also leak sound if that's a concern. The cable at 10' is clearly intended for stationary use.


But comfort is sublime and vocals are absolutely wonderful on the headphone. I really enjoy alternative and indie on the 598s and could live with just the 598s if push came to shove.


Hope your journey into headphone-ville is a fruitful one.

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That's no problem, since I'm going to be using these specifically at home, while I lug around my GR07s for mobile use.

And light bass doesn't bother me much either :3

Thanks for the input!
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I have been looking at the Audio Technica-ATH50s, how about those?

I know they're closed headphones, but they're $70 off at Amazon right now and looks like a good pick
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I wouldn't go M50, especially for the genres you've listed. They're boomy, congested, somewhat sibilant/harsh up top, have blah mids, and aren't comfortable for long-term wearing IME. ph34r.gif

I haven't heard the 598, but I heard the 595, which I think would do fine for what you want (from reviews, the 598 are either almost the same, or substantially improved upon the 595; either way that's fine by me). Other alternatives, based on the kinds of music you've mentioned:

- Grado SR-225i
- Ultrasone HFI-2400

The Grado will probably be more engaging with the music you're listening to, the 2400 are more of an all-rounder (and have more bass).

If budget is an issue (you went from looking at ~$250 headphones to ~$70 headphones), I'd consider the following:

- Koss TBSE or MV1
- Grado SR-60 or SR-80
- Creative Aurvana Live

The Grado and Koss models will probably again be the most engaging, the CAL are more suited as an all-rounder (...and have more bass; wow, that worked out perfectly! tongue.gif).
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Budget is around $220 and I went to the ATH-M50s since it has so much positive reviews towards its name.

I will look at the Sr-225i, however. Thanks
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The M50 were "trendy" a while ago, and the hyped up image does not reflect the actual headphones. Unfortunately.
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I see. Thanks for the clarification man
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I do really like the M50, but the HD598/600 are certainly a step above. I'd rate the L1 somewhat similar in sound to the M50, but cleaner, also much better built.
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