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Hi guys I am new to Head-Fi and want to start by saying I love the site so far. I will start off by saying that I am new to modifying headphones, but I am not new to the MAKE scene. In general I guess that translates to not needing pictures to accompany explanations. I have five different pairs of budget headphones, 3 from friends and two of my own, that I plan on doing some modding to mostly because four of them have a defect of some kind. The two I will be working first are the Monoprice 8323's and the Sennheiser hd202's both of which I think need a bit more isolation and damping. So is xtreme dynamat the way to go for damping the back of the driver? I have been looking at older diy threads and the MarkL mod used xtreme dynamat on the driver and cups is that the best solution? In situations where space inside the cups or odd shape is an issue has anyone tried Sugru as a damping material? I am going to end up rewiring a few of the sets any recommendations on a source of wire outside the standard hardware store grab? On the same note what are a few examples of good and affordable 3.5 mm cables in the 6 foot range? Last question, is there a materials or general modding thread I missed? I found and both of which have given me some good ideas about what is possible, but does that really cover the gist of it? I know I may be asking a lot guys and gals, but I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance =)