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Headphone + microphone as substitute for headset

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Hello there,


I recently bought a pair of headphones. I use them mainly for gaming, listening to music and watching movies, youtube, TV. I use them for everything, basically :P. The headphones I'm talking about are the Creative Aurvana Live! They are recommended a lot for both gaming and music. I decided that instead of buying a headset, I would buy a cheaper (and maybe better) headphone and I would just use the mic in my laptop. Well, it turns out that the quality of that mic sucks. Add to that the fact that I'm not even sitting in front of it, and you have bad sound quality that people on teamspeak keep complaining about. 


I wouldn't say that buying headphones instead of a headset wasn't a good idea though. I just need a substitute for a headset mic. Something cheap. I don't want to pay a lot more than 20 dollars. (Also, I live in the Netherlands which means some products might not be available for me, but I can work that out later).




Here's how my desk looks from above. As you can see I sit on front of an external monitor, with an external keyboard and an external mouse. The laptop is to the right of me. Right now the mic is in the red circle. If I would buy an external mic I would place it in the green circle.


I only want the mic to record my voice. I'm using headphones, so background noice will be minimum (only the sound of me typing and my father running up the stairs). But the more it only picks up MY voice, the better. From what I understand you need a boom mic for this. A mic that only picks up sound very close. That's why headsets exist. The mic can be very close to your mouth that way.


I guess I could buy a modmic (which I think is pretty expensive, and it isn't even available in the Netherlands unless I want to pay another 12 bucks for shipping, which brings the total on 45 which comes close to the price of my headphones). I could also buy a headset, saw of the boom mic and stick it on my headphones, as some sort of DIY modmic. This is an option, but first I want to know if there isn't a desktop mic that does what I want.


I've found multiple desktop mics in my price range (around 15 bucks). But most are conference mics (like this one: http://www.conrad.nl/ce/nl/product/311474/Mc-Crypt-UM-80-USB-conferentiemicrofoon;jsessionid=93EA7FB1E065571FA055FCAC353E51C2.ASTPCEN26), and I think they are omnidirectional which means they pick up every sound, which is not what I want.


I want something substantially better than I have now. If you say that omnidirectional mics work fine, then I will buy one. I just want my voice to sound clean. It doesn't have to be studio quality, I just want my voice to sound like I'm speaking in a normal headset. If this can be done with an omnidirectional desktop mic, then I'll buy that. If you say this can only be done with a boom mic mod, I will buy that. But I would rather have a desktop mic than stick something on my headphones.


Thanks in advance!

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I found this on eBay:


I don't think it has a sticky surface on the bottom. And I'm pretty sure it would only work on a set of headphones with a flat side on them (your Creative ones don't look like they're flat enough). But if you got some sticky tack or something, it may still work. Even if you removed the microphone stick from the stand and taped them to the headphone.

I wouldn't suggest showing this to all your friends. But you asked for an inexpensive solution.

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