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For Sale: Lake People G109-S

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For Sale:
Lake People G109-S

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling my wonderful Lake People G109 amp.  Project86 did a terrific review on this titan at InnerFidelity & I've gushed about it on the G109 thread, as well.  It's, simply put, one of the best amps you can buy for under $1K.  I use it on a daily basis with my HE-400, HD800, as well as IEMs.  It drives IEMs, orthos, and high impedance cans with complete grace, effortlessness, and dynamic control.  The G109 is the last solid state, desktop amp I envisioned getting.  It 'checked all the boxes' for me and most importantly, drove the HD800 exceedingly well.. I simply desired nothing else in terms of sound unless I was willing to wade into $1500K territory.


Reson For Sale


The only reason I'm selling the G109 now is for aesthetic reasons: I have a V800 DAC coming in and would like to get the 'matching' V200 amp for a uniform-looking stack on my desktop.  A bit of a vain rationale to use (as an excuse to drop nearly twice as much on the V200), you say?  I can't argue with that.. but "welcome to HeadFi", right?




My G109-S is in mint condition.  I am the only/original owner; I purchased the unit directly from Lake People in January 2013.  There's not a scratch or scuff anywhere.  Our home has no pets or kids.  Being that I'm in the US, the unit is wired for 115V.  It comes with all original accessories and will be shipped safely in the original Lake People/G109-S packaging (a wonderfully secure, foam padded box).




I'll include my LP/PayPal purchase invoice, as well.  I've talked with Fried (CEO of Lake People) and he confirmed that the warranty is most definitely transferable.  He also said they're very generous with support even after the warranty period expires.  You won't even need the invoice as they have all their amps/products on file based on their serial #.  So rest assured you're in great hands with this excellent company.  Considering the quality, pedigree, & attention to detail all the Violectric/Lake People products are built with, I'd think they'd be the last things to ever break or malfunction.


Why buy from me?


If you're in the USA, one important thing to be aware of when buying from Thomann (and directly from Lake People, as well) is that all US customers will (almost certainly) be assessed a customs/import fee of $30 (from UPS, the company that delivers the amp).  The fee assessment depends on the state you reside in.. but from what I've heard/read so far, there isn't a US buyer who hasn't been assessed it.  Thomann & LP are upfront about this, of course.. but it's something to factor into the price of the amp.  I bought my G109 direct from Lake People for $535.  Including the UPS customs fee, the total came to $565.  Buying from Thomann, your total (with the -almost guaranteed- UPS fee included) comes to $510.  I'm offering my G109.. which is indistinguishable from a new unit (in terms of appearance, performance, and warranty).. for noticeably less.


Thomann offers a three year warranty (vs. Lake People's own two-year warranty), but it's with their in-house engineers.  I'm sure they're quite competent.. but considering this isn't an inexpensive purchase, I'd feel more comfortable having warranty service directly from the manufacturer/Lake People (which my G109 does since it was purchased directly from them). I've also noted (on word from Fried himself) that LP is very generous with support even after the warranty has expired.. I don't know if Thomann offers that same type of generosity.  Also, I don't know if Thomann adjust the voltage (free of charge) on their LP amps to be US-compatible.


Terms of Sale


-CONUS buyers: price includes shipping.

-International buyers: contact me to work out shipping.

-Buyer pays PayPal trans. fee if they don't feel comfortable sending the transaction as a 'gift' (rest assured that sending the payment as a gift to me is safe as I am a very trusted seller.. see my feedback).

-No trades.

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Is this the balanced or se version? I'm interested.



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Originally Posted by BournePerfect View Post

Is this the balanced or se version? I'm interested.




Hello Daniel..


This is the G109-S.. the single ended version.

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Pictures added.

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Updated original post with warranty info.

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PM sent.

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