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Which is your favorite "closed can" Over-the-Ear headphones

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Hello !
I would like to make a small research on the following theme: 
"Which is your favorite "closed can" Over-the-Ear headphones" - if you have to live with only one of these :)
Just write down the manufacturer, the model and a short explanation.
Thank you in advance !
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Sennheiser HD250 Linear II, you can check my review on it.

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Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro. (250 ohms)


Great comfort, great isolation. They've got a fair bit of omph on the low frequencies. but not in a bad way. They're a very fun sounding pair of headphones that can be worn all day, without bugging other people in the same room.

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The Denon d2000/d5000/d7000 series. I have the d2000, but I'm pretty sure the others are even better listening experience.
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Im blown away from AT M50.

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Considering that I just started really thinking about sound ... I have the sony mdr-7506s they are studio monitors and i can turn them on full blast without a sound escaping ... The look dated but they are extremely comfortable
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Lets make this thread ALIVE! I would love to try the so-called End-Game Closed Headphone and somewhat successor to the denon d7k, because Fostex built the d7k, the magestic One that triumph open cans like the LCD-2 and it also put a good fight with the LCD-3. Combining bass and clarity like no other, the Fostex Th-900!!! Will get them in a few years time lol
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D7K for sure, have heard most of the higher end AT's and a few others, the D7K's take the cake for me. Yet to hear the TH900's though.

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The Denon D2000 (punchy bass ,very detailed and improve with AMPing, fun to lsten), D600, Momentum and Signature Pro sound great for portable and home use.

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The best performing full-size closed-back headphones that I have used so far are the Sennheiser HD250 Linear I and HD250 Linear II. The HD250I and HD250II are very close but with authentic Sennheiser pleather pads, I do feel that the HD250II performs slightly better due to further bass extension, a less forward treble and a more relaxed soundstage with slightly more natural instrument positioning. I do prefer the ER-4S In-Ear Monitors over both of these however.

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No one likes the W3000?


So amaze.

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