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For Sale: Astro Mixamp Pro 2011 (Dolby Headphone)

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For Sale:
Astro Mixamp Pro 2011 (Dolby Headphone)

Will Ship To: USA

The Mixamp Pro 2011 Edition. No longer sold, this Mixamp has the least amount of hiss/noise compared to the latter variants 5.8 and 2013 Edition. This makes it ideal to use as a Dolby Headphone pre-amp to another amp.

It's all packaged and ready to go. $90 shipped. USA only, paypal. PM me if interested.

All cables:

3.5mm male/male

RCA to 3.5mm

RCA to RCA with piggybacks

long 9ft USB cable

long optical cable

audio/mic Y cable

Xbox 360 controller cable

Nothing is missing. Original box and everything.

It has a shifty volume knob in that it distorts in the first 50% of the volume only when adjusting volume, so I tend to leave it maxed and control volume with the game/voice knob. Works perfectly that way. If you're using an external amp to help power it, then you won't have a single issue either way. It works as well as any other Mixamp.

I am selling it because I own a receiver with Dolby Headphone, so I have no need for it (as I don't ever use voice chat).
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Honest of you to give full disclosure, yet still this is a great deal considering this version sounds better than the $130+ ones Astro sells now. 

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Congrats, nice deal!
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