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Hi All,


First post although I've been lurking in the corner for a while. I've recently purchased some Beyerdynamic DT880 Premium 250-Ohm headphones. (Which will be arriving this week). I will initially be powering them from my Xonar DG sound card in my computer, however if these aren't powerful enough I would look into getting an amp. Most of the time this would just be sitting on the desk, however a few times a year I attend LAN Parties and would need to take it with me. Powering isn't an issue as I take a extension block. I was looking at the Aune T1 as it appears to be a decent amp and is small enough to be semi portable a few times a year. Do you have any other suggestions for a amp to power my headphones keeping it around the £200 mark if possible. smily_headphones1.gif


Side note: These will be used for (80%) gaming / (20%) listening to music. I will be getting a ModMic to attach for VOIP. wink.gif


Any comments and suggestions welcome.