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Best Desktop amp?

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I have the Audio-technica ATH-M30. I am wanting to upgrade my desktop with an amp. I do not know exactly which amp to get. I looked at the asus pci amp and then externals. I know these headphones have high resistance. I also would like to have a amp that would support the 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch adapters in case I upgrade to better headphones. Any input would be helpful thanks!

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There are many possible choices, but I think you'd be better off putting the money

into a better set of headphones first - then looking for an amplifier.


You'll get more 'bang for your buck' = greater sound improvement per dollar spent.

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Agreed. You can get all kinds of great headphones new used or refurbished for great prices. Not all headphones need to be amped and amping them may cause you to think that its not worth it when it really is. Are you looking for something on the go or just for your home use?? 


Here's one to get you started. 




Audist HUD-MX1 is a very good starter amp and has both inputs you mentioned. 







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I was told these were a goos set of headphones to start with. I researched and didn't wanna spend too much on a starter set. So i found them and so far I like them. They just seem under powered. I am using them for home use to make some dubstep/ techno tracks. Here in the next 6 months I'm gonna get a better set up and was wanting to get my amp and then headphones. These m30 are ok but when it comes to power to them i dont think my pc is pushing enough to them. I got one of those portable amps but it really didn't change much of the sound. But thanks for the replies and i'm checking out that amp you mentioned as well.

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No problem, happy I can help. The M30's are a decent starter pair but there are better things out there for just a little bit more money. 


For example there right here are some of the most popular headphones that you can buy for tracking. 


Sony MDR-V6


Sony MDR7506


Both will run you under $100 but are very accurate and very neutral. You can get them for around $60 used as well. These are the much better than what you have now. Amping the m30's will give you a little bit more volume but that's about it. If you want better detail the Sony's are the way to go. 


Which portable did you go with??







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Since you plan on upgrading in the future and are mixing dubstep, I would recommend you go with a pair of Etymotic ER4-P. Theyre $250 and easily driven. They are in-ear-monitors that will reveal the flaws in your mixes and they just sound really good too!

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I have the Fiio E11. It is ok I guess but not worth the money I spent on it. I should just got the desktop amp by asus that is a pci card. Then again I didn't know it existed until a week ago. I'm gonna research those Sony's and Etymotic that you both have introduced to me. Like I said I'm just starting to get into the whole world of making music. My first track I done was using just my laptops speakers which sounded good until I actually listened to the track on an actual audio system. Yes it sounded worse than I expected. I know I'm not the best at making beats but I know when something sounds good. I researched on headphones and I found that alot of people have Different opinions on the better headphone. So I decided to try the m30's and I like them but they do seem to be under powered even with the portable amp hooked up. I will say they do have a natural sound to them. Bass isn't muddy and the mids and highs are great but I guess I haven't owned any good headphones except skullcandy but those aren't even good compared to these lol.

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What is your budget?

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well I would say around $500 to $1000. That's for everything though.

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Violectric V90 or V100.


Originally Posted by sonnillon View Post

well I would say around $500 to $1000. That's for everything though.

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