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Looking for new headphones

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Falling shelf scared my dog who was laying on the wire of my Shure SRH840s which in turn broke them in half at the headband. I don't necessarily care if my new cans are open or closed. I'd prefer to stay under 250 or 200 USD but I'm willing to go up to 300 USD. Currently I'm considering the AKG Q/K701s, BD DT990 pros, DT880 premiums, Grado sr225 and even the Shures again. I'm curious about the Sony MDR-V6s because they're on amazon for under $70. I'm willing to consider nearly any headphone below 300 USD though. Running everything my laptop with a fiio e10. My only issue is I don't really have a set genre I listen to.

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I'm guessing you want something neutral again? The DT880's and Q701's would probably be your best bet in that case. If you want closed, the AKG K550's are quite nice, and also very comfortable.

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HD600s are my favorite all-rounder and can be had for under $300. DT880s are also a good choice. I'm not a huge fan of k701s because they are much too bright sounding for me. 

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I would second HD600, arguably the best neutral sounding headphone sub 800. They do most music great, with the exception of electronica or any faster pace type music. Comfort wise they are great, and they scale well with higher end amps/dacs. They are well worth their money, and are an amazing value. Sound wise, they won't be as mid-centric as your old Shure SRH-840 headphones, and a tad less bassy as well. If you want the same sound signature as the 840's you might want to look into the HD650 or Mrsspeakers Mad Dogs. Both are great choices, and I own both. One is closed, with a more neutral-ish sound compared to the HD650. The other warmer, and almost dark sounding.


The DT880's are also great headphones, with a over neutral sound to them. The mids will again not be as pronounced, but if that is the sound you are going for then great. They are also a great all around, for almost any genre.

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I'm still looking but not as urgently. I work part time at radioshack and they sell V-moda m80s. Got them for under 100 because of my discount. Still want a nice full size though. Do you guys like the M100s?

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Those are very different from the Shures you had. Are you sure you want to go that bass heavy?

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I have the Sony MDR-7506's, they are essentially the professional version of the V6's.  A good friend of mine has a pair of V6's and I can say with certainty that the 7506's/ V6's are practically a steal at the price that they are sold at, it's just that the comfort level of them kind of sucks in my personal opinion. The pads also deteriorate usually under 5 years and then need to be replaced, but other than that the headphones are some of the most durable I have ever encountered.  The Sennheiser HD 439's are also pretty good (extremely comfortable, nice laid back sound, very lightweight but they lack some bass punchiness when not amped) but they are driven very well by low power devices (32Ohm impedance)

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Originally Posted by Tsujigiri View Post

Those are very different from the Shures you had. Are you sure you want to go that bass heavy?

I'm really enjoying these M80s so I was going to consider the M100s and use the m80s as my portables.

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Personally, I would rather diversify the brands of headphones I have, since different brands have different house sounds. I also like to keep a few different sound signatures available. But if you really like the m100's, those cans have plenty of fans.

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I would say HD600 if you want neutral. But you would probably need a better amp for it to sound at its best.
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Yea, go with the Senns HD600. It will benefit a lot more if you have an amp also.

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You can get them new at Digital World International for $280 or something. 

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