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Beyer t5p recabling - help with finding the right cable.

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Just replaced my t5p's pads with new DT770 pads. It's really cool - velour is much more comfortable than the stock leather or leather-like cushions.

The headphones are also recabled now with an Oyaide interconnect cable (HWS-22W). Problem is that it's too short and too damn heavy. Furthermore, When connected to my beta22, the sound is slightly harsh at certain frequencies, mainly specific syllables.

Cable's also too short.

So, I want to recable. Does anyone have a positive experience with recabling the t5p's? I'm really lost with all the wide variety offered. I don't know much about it, all I know is that a much higher cost for a cable is by no means a guarantee for better sound. So I'm looking for some advise.




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Are you going to recable them yourself, or are you going to have a vendor or head-fi member do it for you?

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Unfortunately myself because I live in Israel and any international exporting + import adventure is too much of a headache for me. Also, I have a friend who owns a stereo shop, has a lot of experience in repairing gear and I'm sure we can handle it ourselves. I already managed to disassemble the cups, so I guess replacing the existing cable shouldn't be all that difficult, given a good solder and some soldering experience.

(If you have reservations about what I just said, please do feel free to share :))


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Cool, I admire your willingness to do it yourself.


As far as cables go, I'm not a big believer in recabling magic.  Maybe you could just contact Beyerdynamic and get a replacement cable and solder that in yourself.

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Thanks, Jay.

But I must confess I heard a significant positive difference with the cable I'm using now. It's just too bulky, too short and already has a lose connection with the plug.


Any experience with recabling the t5p, anyone?

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Matanoosh, is there a thread on replacing the T5p's pads with the DT770 pads? I searched the forum and couldn't find anything that mentioned how this is done.
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The Beyer line is mostly interchangeable, pad wise. Just swap like usual. No mods needed.
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