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Hey guys! 

I'm making my Fidelio X1 balanced, as you can read in another thread.

For that to be done in the nicest way I want to make the connection in the headphone a balanced one. 



-I can still use unbalanced cables and sources

-Relatively easy

-No risk of damadge to drivers due to soldering



-The wires attached to the driver are very thin

-The wire for the right driver is very thin and long due to going trough the headband.


Question 1: 

Will these wires named in the cons lower the quality alot? Enough to justify the trouble of directly soldering the cable to the drivers and making it all look nice?


Question 2:

What is a good small trrs plug and socket for this headphone? It has to be prety small since it has to fit inside the headphone. The plug for the cable has to be small too because otherwise there is going to be alot of tension on the socket.


Here is a picture of the inside showing the jack socket that needs to be replaced:



Thanks in advance!