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Balancing the Fidelio X1's

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Hey guys, We're a bit in a pinch at the Fidelio X1 thread because nobody knows how to open this headphone and how to remove the pads.

My primary reason for opening is because I want to make them balanced.

Here is a link to my post with alot of photo's of the inside. Maybe you can figure out how to open them up.




Here are some more photo's from someone on a german forum who have opened them up. I'm going to ask this guy how to open them up too. But he's german and I'm dutch so I can't read the thread and might not be able to make things clear with him. I know that everybody thinks it's both the same. Whenever someone talks 'dutch' in a hollywood film it sounds like german. rolleyes.gif


(trying to) Reading a bit further in the thread the maker of these pictures says that stuff in the pads is a gum like thing, so it might not be glue, but not sure.



I've tried opening the plastic screw like thingy at the swivels but that wouldn't budge + it damadges the headphones. Looking at these pictures it's not needed at all.


Lol! Looking even further I have found this picture, I'm going to try removing the pads again. :)



Edit: I tried removing the pads and indeed it looked like the picture above. The only difference being that they seemed to have some glue on them at the part where the clips are. I think i've read something like this in the thread too. 

Is there any german guy who's willing to read the thread for me? It's this thread: Info regarding opening starts at page 10. http://www.hifi-forum.de/viewthread-110-13612-10.html

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The user who took his X1 apart wrote that the earpads are just glued on, in addition to some pins (probably those seen in the last picture you posted, those are probably used to hold the pads in place). Afterwards you apparently need to remove four screws.

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Thank you! Is this reversible? Would I damadge the pads? :) The discussion continues for a few pages . :)

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It's not quite reversible, as there's a plastic ring beneath the pads which holds the black dust cover, this could possibly get damaged if you're not careful. Otherwise it doesn't seem too risky. I'm trying to take mine apart right now to experiment with some dampening...

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I've just opened up one of the cups. It's fairly easy but you need to be very careful, the wires inside are extremely thin.

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... also, the earpads need to be glued on again, otherwise they won't hold.

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Thank you for the information! 

Won't those clips/pins you see be enough to hold them in place?

Also, how did you remove them? Dit you put a knife in there to bend the clips or did you just tore them off? :)

(Edit: They aren't connected with the clips are they? I have disconnected one side that has some glue. Would it work when you put velcro on it instead of glue?)





I hope dis gon b gud!

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I just tore the earpads off. The plastic discs are glued onto the earpads, but when you remove the earpads they most likely come apart. The four pins do hold the earpads somewhat, but not very securely - there's additional glue on the pins. You can just "clip" the pads back on, but I'd recommend to put some glue there just to be sure.



As can be seen in this picture there's some glue residue on the pins.

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I see. I have one off now. Trying to get the left driver ( with the connection jack) seems to give me some trouble. Again, am I safe to use some force or should I get it out at a certain angle?

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Using force is be fine, however, make sure to hold the earcups and not the outer silver ring - otherwise you'll put pressure on those two screws that hold the earcups and that's probably not a good idea.

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Does anyone have an update on this ? Can the X1 be successfully converted to balanced ?

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With a little creative wiring, all headphones can be converted to balanced (though some might require a full recable if it's single entry and only has 3 wires)

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