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For Sale: *Complete* Competitive Gamer Bundle: AD700 + Recon3D + Goodies

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For Sale:
*Complete* Competitive Gamer Bundle: AD700 + Recon3D + Goodies

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For Sale: Audio Technica AD700 Headphones with retail box, Recon3D with retail box, microphone, amp, and connection accessories.


This is all a competitive gamer needs to have a detailed, competitive, surround sound gaming experience on the Xbox, PS3, or PC. I used this with my Xbox 360 and Macintosh computer.



All parts in very good condition, the AD700 is not like new however: I carefully changed the "headband" arc and the earpads are well broken-in, so they actually sit flush with my ears and feel more comfortable than they did from the factory. I also added a rubber band for more clamping tension; it's perfect for me, but you can easily take it off and on. I show my "mods" in a picture detail. I also took a picture of the ear cups and carefully white-balanced the photo to give a realistic idea of what color the grills are... retail pictures vary, mine is what it really looks like: a tint of purple. Your taste may vary, but I like the uniqueness, it's a cool color (I also happen to play Zerg on Starcraft II). If you don't know about the AD700, it is famous for detail-retrieval for the price and especially it's wide, evenly "round" soundstage that pairs wonderfully with the surround from the Recon3D USB.


The Recon3D USB is an external sound card/device to provide surround processing in addition to being a DAC. The amp section is a good match for the AD700, you only need about half the volume setting for listening volume (for a harder to drive headphone, you may want to double-amp), and you won't hear background noise/hiss. The Recon3D software from Creative's Sound Blaster team is great, I was able to adjust surround and boost sub-bass (which really does a good job balancing the AD700 out) and dialogue/vocals through the software on my Mac. I can get surround audio for gaming from my Mac, Windows PC, and Xbox. See my review on this device, and my post exploring optimal settings, in the review linked in my signature.


Accessories included are a decent lapel mic (louder and clearer than Microsoft's chat headset), mic cable adapter in case you don't want to use the nice ribbon cable extension cord that comes with the Recon3D, an audio dongle for pre-slim Xbox 360s (like mine) so you can use an HDMI cable and have a separate Optical Out to feed the Recon3D with surround sound, and for those occasions where stereo audio is OK and you don't want to use the Recon3D I'm also including my FiiO E5 amp and a RCA to 3.5mm adapter. Let me know if you don't have an RCA cable. One other thing, though I have all the paperwork and things that came with the AD700, I did lose the original screw-on 1/4" adapter plug, but I'm including a replacement that sounds just as good.




I would like to sell this all together, as the Recon3D and AD700 (and mic) work really well together for an amazing competitive and immersive experience. The surround from the Recon3D really adds immersion to any game (and an aggressive advantage in FPS games like CoD and SWAT mode on Reach), and the AD700 works slightly better with the Recon3D than my Q701 does (deeper, more "round" soundstage than the "oval" shape of the Q701). The lapel mic and accessories allow chat with the Xbox 360's complicated system without requiring a headset/attached mic.


If you just want the headphone and stereo accessories (including E5 & Mic), I may consider selling that for $80.

I have found a flat-rate shipping box for continental US shipping!


Thanks for looking!

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People would be stupid to pass this up. That's one hell of a deal.
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Pending Sale...

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If anyone else is looking for a Recon3D USB sound processor, PM Head-Fi user NamelessPFG, he's got one he would like to sell.
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