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I would say earbuds have their place in everyones collection, be it a stock earbud that came with your music player/phone or something you might have invested in for better quality. For some people, they don't like the feeling of something sticking in their ear (or may never have tried/don't like the idea), the earbud isn't a bad idea in that situation and for portable use.


The main downside I believe being a lack of isolation in noisy environments, where one would need to turn up the volume significantly to hear the music, this for say 1-2 hours a day can damage your hearing.


Occasionally, I would use earbuds at night laying in bed, there's no increased pressure in my ear canals and I can truly relax to some music. Plus you also have additional degrees of freedom (for head movement while laying down) with something smaller than a headphone. biggrin.gif


But to answer the question proposed, I would say, yes and no. Aftermarket earbuds are slowly dying but they are not dead yet. We can observe the changes in the market to realise this, comparing the proportion of in-ears to earbuds. But as long as MP3 players and ipods/iphones continue to bundle earbuds, I would say they have some healthy years left. ksc75smile.gif

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Earbuds aren't dying yet, blox is one of the few company that still make amazing earbuds this day and the new vsonic uu2 is a nice one too smily_headphones1.gif
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I can just live with Hisound Living, sounded so great, only little bit dry

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Vsonic uu2 with quiench your thirst for some bass smily_headphones1.gif while still mantaining a great balance.
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Originally Posted by Tus-Chan View Post

To me, I see little value in a form factor that loses points to sound in order to be highly portable, but doesn't isolate from outside noise well


An earbud is beaten in convenience and sound by a full-size headphone at home and by an in-ear monitor in isolation and (likely) sound for the price out and about. In what kind of situations does an earbud shine over any other form factor?

Also thousandth post


Do you like soundstage? Earbuds (the good ones) blow IEM's out of the water when it comes to spacious and airy sound. You lose isolation and bass, but for me it's a no brainer. I dislike sticking things inside my earcanals so IEM's are not an option for me. And the few IEM's I have heard, with the Sennheiser IE8 being the best one, sound tiny and compressed compared to the good earbuds that I own. Also, isolation is not the best thing if you are out in a place where there's a lot of trafic.
A sad thing is that earbuds nowadays are not as good as in the 80's and 90's. Only the high end ones come close. Sennheiser MX980 and Blox TM7/ANV 3 are my favorites. After that I rank stuff like Sony MDR-E252 (released in 1982), Sony E282 (released in 1985), Aiwa HP-D9 (released in 1990 - the best soundstage I have EVER heard in a pair of ear- or headphones, but almost no bass), Sony E484 (released in 1988), Yuin PK2 (still good today).


You seem to have heard bad sounding earbud models and think that it goes for all earbuds.

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IEM are just simply better than earbuds in every way except the convenience of inserting them and maybe you would not want isolation.

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Nicholars if you know me I am an iem guy as well but if your really want to know my honeys opinion about what sound better I will diffinitly say earbud especially my blox tm7, not even my favorite iem the gr07 bass edition can compare to it but when I'm giong out and I need isolation then I grab my gr07 bass edition smily_headphones1.gif
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Hey Mochill, did you buy that pair of Aiwa HP-D9 that was listed for sale here a while ago?

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Originally Posted by nicholars View Post

IEM are just simply better than earbuds in every way except the convenience of inserting them and maybe you would not want isolation.


LOL in every way ?  Show me one IEM that delivers the same sound stage, clarity and sparkle from any of Blox's earbuds. And I won't even take into consideration the price since these earsbuds are under $100 US.   

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Soundstage might be better I dont know I have not heard them but really IEM is just better. That is why like 90% of headphones are IEM instead of earbud.

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Understand, but I think you might be very well surprised on not just the soundstage but the overall sound from these earbuds.

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People travel on planes, trains and buses. People perform on stage etc. Portability and isolation are the two most in demand things so there are more IEMs than headphones and earbuds. Heaphone, earbud, IEM are just different types, each with different strengths. The only reason one is any better than another is with the quality put into it.

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No I didn't get the aiwa frown.gif I missed the chance.
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There's an Aiwa D9 for sale on eBay.
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I saw it a while ago but I diffently am not paying $300 for them frown.gif
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