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For Sale: Like New Sennheiser HD600's

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For Sale:
Like New Sennheiser HD600's

Will Ship To: CONUS

I -just- bought these from another head-fi'er

. I opened them up, cleaned up lint on the pads checked to make sure everything was in order.. They are pretty immaculate save for a single blemish on the top of the headband. Relisting them for what I paid. I compared them to my 580s and decided that I am happy with my similar sounding and more broken in 580s. So, here they are.. I am technically the third owner, but I have literally only had these for a day. They are two years old and have the white driver silk.

Shipping is included in the price. I can include the box if you absolutely want it, but I'd honestly rather not.. It's just really bulky and would require a much larger shipping box and really bump up the weight.


You can see the drivers are totally clean, most people won't open the cans up like this to show you.. But, I'm real familiar with disassembling these. Notice the CE sticker still on the inside of the headband. And the smallest scratch on the senn logo on the top of the headband. The pads look a little discolored from my camera, but they are perfectly black and in really great shape. These are basically entirely like new apart from that little scratch on the headband there.

Thanks for looking,


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Pm sent~

Thank you!

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Oops, supposed to be PM...

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Deal Pending

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