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For Sale: WTS: my dx100

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For Sale:
WTS: my dx100

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I've got an Ibasso DX100 that doesn't get much use ever since I got an RWAK100.  The DX100 sounds better (more dynamic, larger soundstage), but RWAK100 is better for my needs (read: portability).  It really is awesome, it just doesn't get the love from me that it deserves so should go to a new home.  I'm not desperate to sell, so lowballs will kindly be ignored.


My DX100 is 9/10 condition, no dents or scratches etc., but some of the paint has faded around the edges, revealing a metallic undercoat - it really doesn't look bad and isn't noticeable to the casual observer, but I want to be upfront about everything.  Comes with box/warranty card, etc.


Thanks for looking!



ps: pics coming one of these days

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Sending a PM.

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