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Halp, rewiring

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Anyone has any idea why both drivers would require 3 wires? Can I wire them up in 2 wire per driver?

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All drivers I believe have 2 needed connectors: In (+) and ground (-). The reason some have 3 is because the 2 grounds are connected. For example, the Q701's left driver has 4 wires it appears. The 2 grounds are connected to the single pin on the 3 pin xlr, and then the right driver is connected via wire to the left driver, so it appears that the driver has 4 wires, when actually, it has only 2 needed.

Do you have a multimeter?
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And also, how exactly are you wanting to require these headphones? Just recable, or reterminate, or balance?
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No multimeter till tomorrow, recabling these headphones. It appears that the + of the left driver is connected to the right as well for some weird reason. Ground is the brown color cable that is soldered on the same place for both drivers. There are 6 wires on the left driver because its single cable entry and the second set of 3 wires on the left driver is connected on the right one.

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Hmm that my friend is pretty odd I do have today lol. The only way we will know which wire does what is to check using a multimeter:

You need to put the multimeter into continuity mode. Then, put one end on the TIP of the 3.5/1/4 plug at the end of the cable. Then, touch the other end to all the wires on the left driver for at least 5 seconds each. If one beeps pretty constantly (other ones Might beep because ur hand slips a bit or etc), then the one that beeps is your Left +. Do the same for the right driver, but this time, using the RING. Then, use the sleeve, or uppermost part of the plug, and find the ground wires smily_headphones1.gif
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Thanks for the help!

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No problem, if you need more help, im available the rest of the day, if you want we can skype if u need more explaining, good luck smily_headphones1.gif
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Hey DutchGFX, I'm don't want to hijack this thread but I was wondering if you could give me some tips on balancing a headphone. This includes soldering new wires to the driver. And do's and don't would be appreciated! biggrin.gif

This is the thread:

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Technically i do not know the advantage of balancing, but all balancing is physically is separating the grounds on the 2 channels, so instead 3 conductors, eg common ground, left hot, right hot, you need 4, left hot, left ground, right hot, right ground. Ill be home in 30 minutes or so, and will gladly help once im at a comp and can switch articles quick and etc, phone isnt to great at browsing smily_headphones1.gif so give me a little bit to get home then ill help
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Sure! Take your time. :) 

I'm busy getting my pads off anyway. :P

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