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Audio technicas

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Hi i posted this in a seperate topic but from the automated private message i have a feeling this is where i should have posted this ..apologies.


I was looking into purchasing a set of headphones and had narrowed it down to either the Ath-es55 or ATh-WS55(i) and have read many separate good reviews of each however have not seen any direct comparisons. Just wondering if anyone who owns or has tried both could jump in with their experience(s). I seem to gather from various reviews that the ws55 is more bass heavy and perhaps a little less comfortable however apart from this I cant decide between the two. Any help would be much appreciated, if however people feel there are much better headphones for this price range (up to £100) I may be open to suggestion. I listen to all types of music with the exception of heavy rock not so much classical as well...


Thanks in advance

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I see the ES700 is GBP 97.98 on CDjapan. There is a thread about it. Certainly nicely above the older lower models.

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Hi ..thanks for the suggestion I assume they are the newer version of the es-7...for portability purposes I would prefer the es55 of which I understand there is a new model ....however only currently available in Japan ...any idea on how long till they are made available in the UK 

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Most people buy from Japan cause the import prices are high. To wait for them to come to the UK and the price to drop to the same level could be a year. Right now a place like CDjapan has the ES500 for ~ GBP 66 plus whatever level of shipping you choose. 


I just did the same thing with my CKP200. $32 including the shipping for a model that came to the US a bit later and was $49.95 plus any tax or shipping.

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I there any issues with the warranty if getting them from Japan ? Thanks a lot for your help

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Depends on who you buy from but you should be able to get warranty service. Double check on the warranty and the procedure first.   

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just wondering if you had any input on the durability of audio technicas headphones in general. Havng had a pair of ultimate ears that i've had to RMA at least 3 times due to a weak cord.

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